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EcoSeptix Alliance is committed to providing environmentally sound solutions for onsite wastewater systems through innovative service programs & unparalleled customer service in the Northern and Central Piedmont areas of Virginia.

We strongly believe that with a properly designed, installed, and maintained septic system, a conscientious and informed homeowner should enjoy the full use of their home and its surroundings for many years. At EcoSeptix, our passion  is to partner with you to facilitate that enjoyment now and in the future.


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Alternative Septic Systems

Alternative septic systems allow homes to be built in areas where centralized sewer service is not provided, and the soils are not suitable for a conventional septic system.  Wastewater treatment technology is utilized to protect groundwater and the environment. Components such as floats, pumps and filters must be properly maintained to ensure optimum performance, extend the life of the system, and protect the environment and your investment in your home.

EcoSeptix Alliance
Annual Septic Inspections

Annual Septic Inspections

Our licensed experts ensure your system is operating according to manufacturer design and regulatory requirements of the Virginia Department of Health.  We work with system designers, installers, regulators, and homeowners to share recommendations that ensure smooth system performance.  We strongly believe  when a homeowner understands their system, it will perform better and is more likely to be trouble-free.

Emergency Alarm Call Service

Certain system components age over time, and eventually need to be replaced. Defective floats, pumps or circuit boards can create an alarm condition if not working properly. Weekend and holiday alarm coverage is provided to customers with Operation & Maintenance contracts as part of our standard coverage. The needs of the homeowner and the safety of the environment are our priority at all times.

EcoSeptix Alliance
EcoSeptix Alliance

Property Sale Inspections

The purchase of a home is often the largest single investment a family makes.  We provide inspections of alternative septic systems for real estate transactions.  Our inspections ensure the septic system of the home you are purchasing meets regulatory requirements and functions as it was originally designed. Because many buyers are new to alternative septic systems, we are glad to inspect systems with you present and to explain how the system works.

Environmentally Sound Solutions

View the links below for more information on septic system guidelines in Virginia: 

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